To Flu Shot or Not?

I took my 3 year old in for her annual check-up insisted she needed a flu shot. I looked a little hesitant so the doctor immediately, in a robotic (BIG PHARMA) method started spouting off the medical reasons why she believes the flu shot is necessary. Keep in mind, this doctor is young, fresh out of her fellowship, first year on her own. My response was more of the questioning nature about bad side effects and such. At this point she could see that the medical effects of not receiving the shot did not “touch” me so she began appealing to the motherly side of me… Oh she has seen little children suffering terribly horrible symptoms and dying from it in her residency and blah blah blah. Still, I say, you are not answering my question. So I rephrased. Do the risks outweigh the benefits or vice-verse? Or how about this, are these vaccines 100% effective? Her response, “they are effective in regards to the disease they are intended to provide vaccination for but they are just that effective to help prevent, not a cure”. Ok, now we are getting somewhere. So, I bring up the negative reports about vaccinations and their ingredients causing devastating afflictions such as autism, blindness, seizures etc…and in that (Big Pharma) robotic method, as if scripted, says, “There is no research that proves that is 100%, without a doubt the cause of such things.” Finally, the obvious, is there 100% proof that these vaccinations do not cause these things?! Her un-robotic response, “no”. Then she tells me to go to the CDC for more factual information. HA! Is that a fucking joke? Guess we need to find a new doctor. IN my next blog, I am going to help educate those in an unbiased manner on the ingredients in the FLU vaccine so we, as parents, can make an EDUCATED decision. 





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