CBD Oil – Fact or Fiction?

First, I would encourage everyone to do their own research into  the medical wonders of CBD Oil at http://cbd4us.com/. I have recently been working with this company  Kannaway since my mom let me try some of their salve product that contains CBD Oil. I came over one day w/ one of those “cricks” in my neck from sleeping funny & could not turn my neck right. It was killing me. She urged me to rub some of Kannaway’s Salve on my neck pain. So, being the curious person I am about natural remedies, I did. Unbelievably, the neck pain that usually takes a week to go away was almost 100% better then next day!

I had ACL reconstruction & meniscus repair in my left knee in September & although Dr. Sparks said he tried to repair as much of my meniscus as he could, I would most likely continue to experience tenderness & pain in that area. He wasn’t kidding. I felt like that area was gonna split in half even six months after surgery. Nothing helped! I tried ibuprofen, hydrocodone, anti-inflammatory meds, nothing worked! I did not want to be stuck on pain meds forever anyways so I rubbed some of Kannaway’s Salve on there just hoping it would help. I put it on there a couple times a day & within a couple days, I realized that it wasn’t hurting anymore. I was in shock! Floored! So, I started to do more research on CBD oil and after my personal experience & reading about the amazing miracles from CBD Oil, I was sold. I teamed up with Kannaway as a brand ambassador which is only $15/month so I could get a discount on their products & make money from home while I shared this awesome product. I have even read that CBD oil helps with so many other things, MS, epilepsy, autism, mood, depression etc…

I bought their HempVap & shared it with my husband who has chronic arthritis pain & back pain. He never thinks anything works, even narcotics. He rubbed Kannaway’s salve on his sore areas & he said it actually helped. I was still in shock again & convinced of the power of  CBD Oil. Seeing it with my own eyes was amazing, feeling it work! So, if you are interested in the healing power of CBD Oil or teaming up with me at Kannaway, I would love to talk to you about it! Here is my website, you can sign up there free for more info: http://CountdownToKannaway.com/landing2/5234769

Or, if you are just interested in trying the products, you can order on my retail page or I can order for you at a discount: http://store.kannaway.com/?5234769

I can’t wait to hear your CBD oil testimony!


Brand Ambassador, Kannaway



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