What’s for dinner?

Ugh, the dreaded question. I cannot stand to think about this or when I am asked this question. My kids aren’t picky per se but I am damn sure not a domestic goddess so even if they were, they would be out of luck. Ok, I have a crock pot which is a godsend since I have 4 children and a demanding schedule. But how much variety is there with crock pot meals? Well, I am on a mission to find out! So far, this week, I have bought those Campbell crock pot ready sauces in the soup isle and thrown those in with a pork shoulder but unless you are starving to death, both kinds I tried were not that good. I did do marinara sauce & meatballs last night with success so there’s one. Paula Deen has a superb recipe for a beef pot roast. I use that one alot. It takes minimal prep and it is delicious! Here, try it: http://www.pauladeen.com/index.php/recipes/view2/pot_roast1/. I’ve heard chicken n’ dumplins in a crockpot but haven’t tried it. I prefer to do those the old fashioned way. I would love to hear ideas from other busy moms! I am going to try crockpot enchiladas tonight! I bought the perdue chicken already made, maybe throw some refried beans, black beans, cheese & some sour cream in there and see how it turns out. Feel free to give me some ideas because I cannot stand being asked what’s for dinner!? Help!

Thanks, Nikki



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