Small Business Entrepreneurship!

Ok, I realize starting a small business in these poor economic times is probably an insurmountable feat buut I think we going to do it! I have a strong business and accounting background and my husband, Cliff Hairston has a strong background as a marine electrician. He served in the Coast Guard as an E6, First Class Electrician for 8 years. He passed the chief exam but was medically discharged, honorably of course, in 2009. He has been working as a marine electrician in Jacksonville, FL for about 4 years for Honeywell, Inc. Recently, we were fishing at Sister’s Creek and just got to talking about how he loved to restore or fix up boats, especially boat surround sound and stereo systems. We have been living in Jacksonville on and off since 2007 and noticed there are not that many marine electricians in Jacksonville, FL and thought we could start a business in this area. The grand idea involves custom install of marine sound systems and stereos. However, the business will also offer installation and repair of navigational equipment, install and repair of sound systems and repair of any other boat issues such as lighting or electrical work. This also involves looking for a piece of land that we could run our business on and live on. We could either have the shop in front or back but definitely have enough room on the land for boats to be pulled in an worked on. There is also the idea of purchasing one of those large aluminum buildings and creating a shop out of it. I personally believe, as a person with a strong accounting mind, that this is a great idea! Jacksonville needs great marine electricians, after all, we are a port city! I am working on a business plan now and the website and the land. I think if we take it one step at a time, keep overhead costs down and market properly, this business could be a fantastic success! Any thoughts, suggestions?

Nikki Hairston


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