A place for eve…

A place for everything, everything in its place.
~Benjamin Franklin

This is another great one from Ben Franklin. This is the motto or theme for every parent, especially with multiple children. I feel like one of my greatest battles involves my Attention Deficit Disorder and my inability to stay organized. If I do not stay on top of things, with 4 children, the world can be turned upside down. These children, as wonderful as they are, let’s face it, are devastatingly destructive. So, order in this house is of the most utmost importance. For other parents fighting the battle of order and organization in their home, I want to offer my condolences. However, I have come up with a solution that at least works for me. TUBS. Seriously, tubs have saved my life. It takes some time but the first place to start is with the TOYS! Cars go in one tub, trains in another, ninja turtles and army men in one etc…once that is achieved, the closet is next. I go through each and every shirt, pant, shoes etc…to bag or tub what does not fit. If I’m going to save it, I put it in the boys tub or girls tub. If I am going to pass it down to another family, I create a bag for them. Then I get the smaller tubs and organize the bathrooms, the medicine cabinet, the kitchenware etc…I am still in the midst of this process but the tubs have literally saved my life and my sanity. I am positive I did not invent this process however, I want to pass it on to other parents who may not have considered this route. Good luck and remember, a place for everything, everything in its place. 




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