to blog or not to blog….that’s not the question

Let’s start with the most basic question…Who do I think I am? Well, if I knew the answer to this impossible question, I probably wouldn’t feel the need to soul search with words via blogging. I will start with the facts. I am a in a complicated marriage, but who isn’t? I am a mother to four incredibly unique children, Jarrett is 12, Aubrey is 9, Bryce is 7 & Presley is 4. To describe them each briefly; Jarrett- Intelligent & Introspective, Aubrey-Brave & Caring, Bryce-Wild & Brilliant, Presley-Charismatic & Independent. I have lived in Florida, California, Alabama & New Jersey. I have traveled to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bahamas, Mexico & Ireland. I dream of traveling more, other cultures entrance me. I have attended both public & privates schools, attended Pentecostal & Southern Baptist churches , been a musician & am attempting to read every book ever written worth reading. I have a photographic memory & am inspired by other people who share my passion for knowledge. I would never claim to even be a semi-perfect parent & have been through some extremely trying experiences in life. I hope to document & learn from all these things here for whomever might find them either entertaining or helpful. Here’s to what has been, what is & most importantly, what is to be!


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